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Frequently Asked Questions
Prepaze franchisees allow you to build an education center in your local region that serves children in grades K-12. To utilize the Prepaze name, Prepaze teaches you about the business, issues you a license, and then needs you to complete their standards for establishing the business system. It contains:
  • An education system to help you know what and how to teach
  • A marketing strategy to get students interested in your facility.
  • A financial plan to help you collects fees, pays bills, and generate financial reports.
  • A tool for managing and administering the day-to-day activities of a business
To be considered for a franchise opportunity, you must satisfy the following criteria:
  • Deep love and commitment to dealing with children and children's issues
  • A background in education or teaching is advantageous but not necessary.
  • Hold at least an undergraduate college degree.
  • Skills in the core subjects (Maths, English, and Sciences) are a necessity.
  • The amount of money you'll need to get your Prepaze franchise off the ground and running is as follows: liquid assets of $50,000 and the net value of $100,000
  • Adhere to Prepaze's fundamental beliefs and deliver an exceptional client experience.
  • Good knowledge of the region as well as strong community relations
  • An excellent ability to communicate and interact with others
Even though a background in education is an asset, owning a Prepaze Franchise doesn't need having one. As long as you are enthusiastic about working with children and believe in our aim to help them become self-confident, you will be an excellent fit for our team.
    Prepaze's Instructor Development Program is meant for those who have met the qualifications to become a Prepaze franchise owner. They are offered three-day training sessions per week for two months. Additional hands-on instruction is provided via a series of Center visits. Additionally, you'll have the opportunity to participate in their ongoing education programs as a Prepaze Center owner, which will help you improve your abilities and position yourself for future success.
      A Prepaze franchisee's journey is an exciting one. You may be certain that after you've filed your application, we'll work closely with you to see it through to its successful conclusion.
      Here are the steps in the application process.
      • After you apply, an initial telephone interview with one of our Franchise Recruitment Managers will be set up to address any queries you may have.
      • A Prepaze General Manager will then interview you.
      • Reviewing our franchise disclosure document
      • Demonstrating that you have adequate financial resources
      • Taking part in a more thorough evaluation of net worth, which may include providing evidence of financing
      • Investigating your credit history
      • A criminal background check by the FBI
      The final permission and invitation to attend our franchisee training will be sent if all of those stages are properly completed. The location you've chosen for your Prepaze Center will be reviewed and authorized by us when your training is completed, and we'll work with you to finalize your lease for the approved site.
      The Franchise Agreement will be signed after you have finished the first training session and your Center location has been authorized.
      Your Training Agreement Deposit Fee is $1,100 of the $2,200 initial franchise fee. You pay the remaining sum after completing the Instructor Development Program and signing your Franchise Agreement. Extra resources, including textbooks, student accomplishment exams, student placement tests, and promotional posters, are available for purchase for an additional $900.
        In addition to royalties, the following expenditures are typical:
        • Rent for a ground-floor shop location in your neighborhood, in dollars per month (approx. 1,100 to 1,500 square feet)
        • Continual marketing and advertising
        • Instructors’ salaries
        • Expenses like phones, office supplies, and the like are included in this category.
        The amount of money you earn depends on how much work you put in. One of the most critical aspects of your business is the level of customer service you give and how aggressively you market the center. It is advisable to do your research and develop a range of possibilities, from the most conservative to the most ambitious. In a nutshell, your profit is the difference between your income and your costs, which includes the fees you pay to Prepaze Center Licensing in any given month. The cost will differ based on where you live.
          Prepaze Franchise can help you accomplish great things, particularly with strong local ties and suitable marketing campaigns. The extent of your success will be determined by the number of children you admit, the frequency of opening your center, and the number of assistants you'll employ.
            When it comes to online tutoring, Prepaze stands out since it provides students with a comprehensive educational program that is customized to their specific requirements. Tutors and students alike benefit from the academy's investment in cutting-edge technology. Prepaze’s hi-tech LMS allows students to monitor their progress, digital access information and cut down on preparation time.
              Contact us today to build an education empire for tutors and children now!
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